Two Stroke Tuning & Exhausts

If your looking for the best from your 2 stroke Mad biker designs has its own dedicated tuning arm under..... Mad Biker Developments
Not content with being one of the premier parts suppliers in the UK from world renowned companies, such as Brembo, Dymag, Samco to name but a few . We also offer the customer a complete bespoke tuning service so they to can feel that spine tingling rush only a two stroke can provide.
We realise that one solution does not fit all customers so weather you are searching for a mild upgrade to an all out Ported Cheetah Cylinders
100hp+ monster we have the knowledge and experience to make your dreams a reality.
If being the first people in the UK to break the elusive 100bhp barrier with our 421cc engine wasn't enough,our tuners have over 40 years experience, multiple British championships and world record holding pedigree to their name, so you know you are getting the very best in service, knowledge and experience  that money just cant buy. 
Many of our customers are not interested in the technical side of tuning they just want a fast reliable bike that puts a massive smile on the face when the throttle is cracked open. With this in mind we have put together some simple packages to suit every ones needs.

Details are as follows: 
MBD Stage 1  - cylinder based work 
clean all ports entry and windows no port area changed. (take of nasty edges defects, chamfer ports)
MBD Stage 2 
as above plus, flow all ports for maximum flow 
MBD Stage 3 (complete engine needed) 
as above + dial port timing for customers specific application of tuning. 
MBD stage 4 
full blueprint of entire engine. full factory spec including one off builds,  high flow, maximum torque, high compression . (not recommended for road use) 
Additional Services
match cases to cylinders. 
Cylinder head work. 
Piston lightening balancing. 
Crank Rebuilds.
Crankcase Trenching

 For costing and more information please call us on 07791 447305 or email 

Bespoke Two Stroke Exhaust Systems

Mad Biker is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Performance Fabrications to supply beautiful, bespoke handcrafted exhaust systems for all MBD supplied big bore kits.

With the exception of Performance Fabrications, MBD is the sole supplier and with this collaboration we believe we are one of the only suppliers that can offer a complete engine / exhaust package with the looks to match the performance!

Prices start from £850 with systems offered in Mild / Stainless Steel or Titanium. Systems are supplied with either 150mm or 250mm carbon silencers.

For more information please contact

Stainless 2 Stroke Exhaust System

2 Stroke Exhaust System

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