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Andrew Burscough Racing Report: 
Friday practice and as I made my way to the collecting area the heavens opened and with unscrubbed drys on I promptly returned to the pits missing that session.Next session I started the bike up to warm it up and it suddenly cut out, after investigating the problem turns out that the rectifier had given up the ghost. With the battery and rectifier pinched from my spare bike I eventually managed to put in a few laps in the last session at a very steady pace. 
Saturday qualifying went ok considering lack of time on the bike but as first call for the race came and I got on the bike, pulled the clutch in and "ping" the nipple snapped off the brand new cable! Cue frantic scrabbling and we manged to fit another new cable by second call. As this cable settled in on the way to the collecting area it started to drag so I kept adjusting it as I rode it...not ideal then on the warm up lap my gear change peg snapped off with the pressure I'd put on it to change gear with the dragging clutch😡.For race two we sorted the gear lever and while adjusting the clutch cable that one snapped! so robbed spare bike of its cable and lever assembly and fitted that with plenty of wd40 and that one promptly snapped!!luckily at the bottom of my spares box I had another used cable which was ok for the rest of the weekend. 
As I'd missed the first race I had to start from the rear of the grid with Richard Hayward and managed to get up to 11th with Richard 10th. 
Sunday it was raining so in with the wets and all was ok tho I got a bad start to the race but settled down and started to pass a few riders and caught up to Paul Whitby going into Clearways but as Paul accelerated off the corner he lost the rear end and I couldn't avoid him leaving us both in the kitty litter, luckily both of us avoided serious injury but with my bike beaten up and another back row start looming I decided to pack up. 
Massive thanks to Martin Brown of Mad Biker Designs and his father for all his help, Richard Leigh Peters for repairing my bodywork and painting it....errrr sorry Rich!!...Next round is Pembrey so hoping for better results at my home track 
Mad Biker Designs 
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